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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  June 11, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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this morning on good day, breaking news, a singer originally from our area and former rely show contestant shot and you killed after a concert in orlando. the hero who tried to save her life. plus, a final fair well to american royalty. as the world says good-bye to muhammad ali. a man convicted of sexual assault in california. from the fox 29 studio, this is good day philadelphia weekend. good day on this saturday. it is straight up 7:00. it was a beautiful night to sleep, so we hope you had the windows open and good sleeping weather. how did you sleep? >> very well for like four hours.
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it was a powerful short rest but that's ok. up energized, happy to be here. good morning. >> what were you doing. >> work, covering stories yesterday. then we had to prepare for a little celebration we're having today. so we'll get more into that. someone is leaving. >> the person who launched show, the woman behind it all, our fearless leader is leaving. let us know good-bye songs that you like and we'll play them all morning long. use #fox 29 good day. >> i think we had wild weather. >> little bit later. right now good. nice start, clear the humidity is low. that will all be changing. ben franklin parkway looking nice and sunny out there this morning. but things change. really this afternoon, so we'll keep a close eye on the radar because we will see big changes coming in later. i want to get you started and show you what to expect as you head outside ronald mcdonald
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house. check it out in west deptford. it's 56 not quite as cool. but the humidity is still low. that will change a little bit later. radar is clear. look at these showers moving through central pennsylvania right now. that's not the main concern. what is the concern happens about 2:00 or 3:00. storm comes in later today. there it is at noon. we're still clear. but by 2:00, 3:00, they're moving through the lehigh valley, these could be strong or severe as they push through philadelphia between about 3:00 and 5:00. 5:00 to 7:00 will weaken a bit as move through south jersey but could see small wind gusts. watch for warnings issued today. 50's, 60's climbing into the 80's. a warm one but the humidity increases. we'll see if it sticks around. let's get started with a look at to expect on the roadways. here's bob. good morning, everybody.
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we got a are a got at a on the river, rolling on the schuylkill river, kelly drive closed to vehicle traffic all day today. martin luther king drive. grid lock coming into the city. all the traffic will be pushed on to the schuylkill expertise express way. a big golf tournament at the the cricketclub. the coma america soccer tournament taking over lincoln financial field at 7:00 tonight. you're going to see a lot of unusual volume heading into the volume area. phillies are out of town, so that's the only event down in south philadelphia. septa will throw extra trains on the subway for all of the soccer can fans. of looking for something to do? how about the fishtown festival? we got the carnival, food, music at frankford and girard all day
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today. starting at noon up to 8:00. when you're exiting 95 at girard avenue, that's where you're going to see a little bit of grid lock later on today. have a good one. we'll see you back here bright and early tomorrow morning. breaking news right now unfolding in florida. has a local connection. there's a new jersey woman who's died after being shot at a concert in orlando afterwards, she's 22, christina just can finished performing with the band before you exit. she was at the plaza live theater in orlando. she was shot as she was signing i was the graphs for fans at a merchandise table. police say man with two guns walked up to her and opened fire. her brother jumped in and tackled the gunman who shot and killed himself. she is originally from marlton new jersey went to cherokee high school. she finished third during season six of the voice. and news of her death right now is hitting social media.
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people are tweeting all about it using #rip christinchristina, g more than 700 how to tweets. one person if today's story didn't convince you we need to conform gun control then i don't know what has. you may also remember rachel crow, christina was a beautiful person, thank you for sharing your like, my heart is heavy. and with her there's no, rest in peace sweet girl. 705, a man shot while sitting in a car. it happened around 2:00 a.m. along 100 block of her man street in germantown. the man was pronounced dead on the scene. so far, officials have no motive for the shooting. and no arrests have been made. we know there's a man recovering this morning after a car fire in south philly. this happened just before 11:00 last night on i95 northbound. wow. take a look at that video.
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95 northbound at broad street. police say the car struck a barrier and then you can see what happened. it burst into flames. the driver was taken to the hospital with severe burns. what caused the crash. police say a man is behind bars for slashing a woman across the face. 29-year-old isaiah cheeseboro was arrested and charged yesterday morning a day after the incident. he slashed a woman across the forehead as she was walking up the stairs to walnut street leaving the schuylkill river trail thursday. the suspect had been following her and said, in quotes, you don't know anything before he cut her. >> it was a random person, you know, scary to think about that. >> i more so question like why someone was so beneath her, what was pushed them through things of that nature. more so than i would question the area i'm in. >> police say the suspect had several razors on him when he
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was taken into custody. they shay he was also captured on surveillance video. . happening now, new jersey state lawmakers are under wire to come up with plan to get more money to fix up roads, bridges and rail projects. it's expected to run out this summer. >> one of the suggestions is to raise the state's gas tax by 23 cents. some of the great things about new jersey is the low gas prices. let's bring in our jersey guy to pontiff kate about this one. >> reporter: how about this? they always put the bad news out late on friday. a lot of people don't know about this yet. it hasn't been in the inquirer yet, but two competing bills now to raise the gas tax. you're looking at the prices up there already here in new jersey, the price of gas back over two bucks a gallon for knows whack ky unknown oil company.
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summer driving, et cetera reason, now new reason long haven of cheap gas capitol new jersey. coincidentally. politicians in both state senate and assembly on the same afternoon, same friday release of their bills, both announced they want to raise current 14 and a half cents a gallon gas tax by 23 cents a gallon. how about that for a coincidence. both bills want to raise it 23 cents. they need hundreds of millions. they say that money will raise to fix new jersey's roads and bridges like lovely route 73. which we're on here at the wawa, which is always popular for people buying gas from out of state. by the way, 30% of gas buyers are from out of state and. funds runs out june 30th. we talked to some buyers who obviously are not so pleased. >> no, that's not good. it's taking money out of our
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pockets. >> too much. it's a big jump. you know what i mean? if you have a lot of people out here just commuting back and forth to work. it's nothing but harps. >> reporter: does it make you feel better that the extra money you'll pay is going to help you not hit as man pillmany pothole. >> when you put it like that, yes. >> reporter: how bad are the potholes? >> they're bad. certain areas. >> reporter: does it make any feel any better if the extra money will fix the potholes. >> i would say yes. it's more of a burden on a person if they damage their automobile. >> reporter: look at this what here in pennsauken over the tacony palmyra bridge. every car but one filling up is
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from pennsylvania. that's why the politicians don't feel as bad as they normally would. they don't care about angering out of state drivers. they think it's about time the people who use our bridges and roads and abuse them if they're truckers tearing them apart pay to fix them by buying gas for a lot more. still, even though this would put the total tax, if you combine the federal government taxes and state taxes to 55.9 cents a gallon here in new jersey, karen, bill, that is still lower than both pennsylvania and new york city. it will still be cheaper gas than philly. here's the deal. this how they will get it passed. there's tax fairness. they want to get rid of new jersey estate tax for the wealth folks and deduct charitable giving. but chris christie is going
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likely going to veto it. why would he do it and not go out with a perfect tax, saving record. >> nobody breaks it down like steve. now you understand this is the situation where i'll tax people who can't vote anyway. so you're taxing people driving into new jersey. one kind of transportation to another. we're going to talk about septa right now. it's future finally. the only taken five years. coming up, what you can do to be the first to pay with the new septa smart card. a final fair well to american royalty as the world says good-bye to muhammad ali. we'll have the details coming up. also, join our conversation. use #fox29goodday. there's so many graduations. show us what's happening in your life. >> we're playing songs for the boss lady. every break, bye-bye.
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>> we're going to embarrass her all morning. ♪
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. thousands of people line the streets to say final good-bye to boxing legend muhammad ali. his hearse travel 19 miles to his home town of louisville to an historic louisville cemetery. mike tobin reports on that final fair well. >> reporter: having earned his
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place in history, the man who bore the title the greatest, muhammad ali prepared for his final trip to his home of louisville. among others were will smith who portrayed him in the movie ali and lenoxs lewis. >> he will also be remembered and never forgotten. >> reporter: fan to say through flowers as it made its way up the boulevard. past his boyhood home an historical landmark. ultimately over a bed of rose pedals to the cemetery for a private family burrell that preceded a public memorial. >> my friend only once in 1,000 years or so do we ge to hear a mozart or see a put a can i say so he, read a shakespeare. ali was one of them. >> i shook the champ's hand. i was 17. i was all struck.
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and man, i thought he was greatest. >> during the image of him is like a little real in three shots. the boxer i thrilled to as a boy the man i watched take last steps to watch the olympic flame as i was president, and i'll never forget. >> reporter: public fair well was fitting to the champ who never shied away from the cameras, even when parkinson's were present in his body. the family has yet to grief. >> i'm going to miss the phone calls and jokes and i just want to touch him, kiss him. it's just hard. i feel like he should be here like dead, look at this, you
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know? feels weird. >> reporter: she believes there will never be another ali. you can't duplicate the opponents or the time. he rose up through a social injustin that was accepted and a voice that could not and would not be ignored. perhaps he's referred to as goat, greatest of all time. in louisville mike tobin fox news. >> you can see will smith portrayal of muhammad ali on the big screen. sony is putting the 2001 film back in select theaters nationwide for this weekend only. run out and see it. ali will be playing in at least three theaters in this area, including the regal theater in oaks and also in warrington. chris christie is on a mission to promote jersey shore tourism. he visited the asbury hotel.
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this is to improve torelism but to show the resill yens after super storm sandy. he was heckled by people on the boardwalk, new jersey, they will give you a piece of their mind and attitude on his very public support of republican presidential candidate donald trump. >> listen, it's the boardwalk in new jersey. i don't get at least one person yelling at me, i feel like they must all be tourists here. >> asbury park was named one of the best places to travel in 2016. talking about the shore, a little travel, dave, we're talking about getting kind of hot today as we look out in philly. the art museum tell us about it. too hot? just right. >> maybe just right. we had just right this morning, warmup really this morning. you will see the humidity increase, we had a lack the last
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few days. beautiful start. we had sunshine in pottstown and also sunshine, thank you, brian for sending that in. if you have an event looks like you're ok. here's one in physical. >> hi fox 29 good day. we're holding our 5k today and i want to know what to expect for the weather. >> weather for the race here in philadelphia. the key is, it's this morning. look what happens to these temperatures and the humidity between 8:00 and 11:00. big jump up, about ten to 12 degrees. that's the warmer air coming in. you'll notice the humidity increasing as well. we'll be above 82 by 12:00. keep a close eye on this radar today. few showers there. working its way through central pennsylvania. they will fall apart. that's the warmer more human air moving in. we have the watch the area of rain up north. strong storm will be coming down and we'll track this through the area. the timing when you expect to
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see the storms. 12:00 to about 4:00. moving to the north and western suburbs, 4:00 to 6:00 through philadelphia. this is the computer forecast, indicates that there could be damaging winds as these storms move through 5:00 to 6:00 moving through south jersey and delaware off the coast by 7:00. mostly the afternoon. the storms could have the potential to be strong or severe. once the storms clear out, the wind gusts will pick up tomorrow. that will drop the humidity. it will be more comfortable. just windy tomorrow between 20 and 20 and 30 wind gusts. the strong prediction center has a slight to marginal risks, meaning there will be storms and they likely will be severe. wind damage, maybe a little hail. not much of a risk for flooding because moving so fast. we'll see what to expect the rest of the weekend in that seven-day forecast coming up. . it's warm weather now.
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occasionally you see the spray tans that people sometimes look a little orange, go a little too far? not a good look. >> we're going to show you one look, what happened to that sea gull? >> that's break dance. >> we'll explain why the sea gull is orange. don't plan to drink up. one place officials are saying they are absolutely not going to tolerate alcohol. we'll tell you about it, be careful. awar aware. >> hit the road jack is our good-bye song? >> bye boss lady.
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...clear for take off.
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see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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. welcome back. don't plan to enjoy a cold one there on the river line new jersey transit this weekend. open containers of alcohol are banned today and tomorrow on all new jersey busses, trains and light rail. new jersey transit says they're having several special events occurring this weekend and prompted them to put the ban that place. people being all liquored up and hopping on trains and having issue, so strictly enforcing no alcohol. lincoln financial field is hosting a big football game today. we're talking about soccer.
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team usa will face off against paragytoday in the copa america. local businesses are expecting a boost. if the u.s. wins they will advance to the quarter finals. one of the most best and well-known players has died. gordi howe one of the greatest hockey players of all times. his record set up a five decade career earned him the nickname mr. hockey. . this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> i'm shawn bell. nelson agholor was accused of sexual assault on thursday at cheerleaders gentlemen club in south philly. close to the novacare center. agholor went to the strip club shortly after mini camp finished thursday. he was said to be with at least two different eagles players. a source told howard eskin that
7:26 am
agholor feels he's being set up and that he is 100 percent innocent. yesterday the eagles issued statement saying we're aware of the police investigation regarding nelson agholor. the organization has been in contact with nelson and the proper authorities in philadelphia. because of the legal nature of this matter, we will have no further comment. to the phillies'the nationals. the phils continue to is slide bottom of the fifth tide at four. murphy with a deep shot scored two runs made it 6-4, the nats at one point scored nine unanswered. 9-6 phils lost and that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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to grow up. but teachers like mr. elliot saw something in me. made a connection with me. now i'm a teacher myself, right here in camden. i'm just passing it along to my own students and making those same connections my teachers made with me.
7:28 am
now that's some beautiful music. i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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. ♪ ♪ ♪ . >> we're playing good-bye songs. >> don't want to fall asleep. >> and i don't want to miss a thing. >> the cutest part when she gets angry and laughs. >> i'm going to miss that. 7:29. let's get you caught up to date.
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in iowa witch and her cousin are gaining internet fame for putting a hexs on that guy, the stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assaulting a woman. they hexed the pain of pine needles have there's and be impotent. he was convicted but could serve as little as three months. an experimental plane powered by solar energize takes off from the lehigh valley to new york city where it landed a few hours ago, the plane custodians at speeds of up to 42 miles an hour. without a drop of fuel. that's pretty cool. the future for septa finally here. kind of on monday.
7:31 am
up to 10,000 customers will get to be a part of the pilot program. it's called a key card. can septa wants to remind you you don't have to have a card you can pay the old-fashioned way just like you always have. >> it's cool. we're catching up with things people have been doing ten, 15 years, nice. >> i got tokens in my desk. they're going to be a lot more valuable. collector's item. did you see or shot from reading? there's a big event happening there. wendy has a fiddle. there's no difference. she argued with me. she said there is a difference. looks like any violin. >> they're a little different. 90 more minutes till she's gone. berks county -- i'm kidding. the weather looks a little ify
7:32 am
in the afternoon. the humidity will certainly increase. not much happening on ultimate doppler right now. things are clear. one or two showers tried to move through central pennsylvania, they will fall apart. humidity climbs, that's the change. here's the afternoon change, strong is storm likely moving through the lehigh valley. poconos, between 2:00 and 4:00, 4:00 and 5:00 through philadelphia, 5:00 and 7:00 through south jersey and delaware. gusting winds, brief downpour. it will clear out afterwards. you may have to clean-up a little bit. if you have afternoon plan, watch the radar. could be a severe thunderstorm warning as the storms move through. they're gone by 11:00 tonight the these temperatures are into the 50's and 60's. climbing into the 80's. warm day today. we'll see what's in store for the rest of the weekend. that's in the complete seven-day forecast coming up. thank you, damage. let's get to your health news. we have a case of zika that is
7:33 am
now in the state of delaware. it's actually the fourth case they've had there. a resident now diagnosed with that virus. >> division of public health says he's the fourth man to come down with the mosquito born illness. he traveled abroad back in may and believe to have contracted it then. none of the delaware residents who have the virus are considered infectious. you may be cheering or sad but the kids are getting done school maybe end this week or next or maybe monday and the week following. what do we do to keep them busy so they're not driving us crazy when they're not in class? jen fred has idea in this morning's mom-o-log. >> i'm jen frederick and this is mom-o-log. two of my favorite moms are also elementary teachers. earlier this week, you said don't recreate the classroom. but you say do get into the experiences. what are you talking about?
7:34 am
>> have experiences with your child this summer. go out and do things with them. ask them about or talk about it. have them write about it if they want to. it's about the experiences this summer. >> you want them to write about it when they go into school in september, october. >> absolutely. in the beginning of school, we spent a lot of time with the kids talk about their experience and asking them to write about it or have a discussion. one of the best things you can do after you take a trip or a quick day trip or anything that you do is have a discussion. what did you like about today? what did you learn? think? what would you do differently if you were planning the trip? >> did you go to valley forge? how was your swim time? that kind of thing? little and big. >> yes. at the beginning of the school year, what did you do this summer? let write about it. they will have a lot of things to write about. >> reporter: you're going to be able to write about it to thank you for your service to mom-o-log today. no, you can't, go -- you can write about being on tv. i'm jen frederick and this is mom-o-log. jen is talking about things
7:35 am
to do over the summer. you're thinking about a vacation any time soon? >> yes. >> thinking about it right now? >> yes. >> how about cuba? think about cuba. >> my husband just came home last night and said all the guys want to go to cuba. apparently airline officials say people in our area will be able to fly directly there? that's pretty cool. >> very cool. check it out told is great but could it be affecting our health in a negative way. careful when you swipe. doing all the social media stuff. more songs, we're going to miss her when she's gone. >> i like this one. get the cup out. ♪.
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. our smart phones. they're great. but scientists say they could be causing an interesting medical condition. >> i think i have it. it's swiper's thumb. the thumb on the dominant hand may be 15 percent bigger. why is that. >> that's because of the amount of swiping we do with the digits. the other problems include text neck which is the result of looking down so much. >> they always come up with these things, when we had the blackberries back in the day. it's always something. >> you had a blackberry? >> you didn't? >> no, never had a blackberry.
7:39 am
that sounds like old school. >> it was old school but new school. >> crooked neck. >> steve what do you think. >> reporter: i think people are on the phone too much. the researchers had a 15 percent number had a low estimate for the average use of people on their smart phones. they say just two hours a day on average. i thought it would be 22 on average. this goes to the same deformed hand thing that we heard about in january called smart phone pinky, where everybody were sharing pictures of their pinky being indented. us guitar players and base players, everybody has had indent on their thumbs for years from playing musical instruments and i'm way older than at the two of you combined to be in this business when had he were manual olympia type writers where where you are hands look like arnold schwarzenegger
7:40 am
biceps after the type the newscast. >> how did i not know you played the guitar? are you in a band. >> you're the most interesting man alive. >> kitchen and i both play, kitchen borrowed two. kinchen you should have him on the weekend show. he could have played the good-bye songs. most good players play with their thumbs and you live with it. everybody says we have callouses but your fingers get tight. those type writers we used to use, you had to bank the key because you had to type through eight carbon copies of paper. that's how you got stuff on tell propertiers and producers had a copy. you had muscles all through your hands. this is nothing, kids. >> steve thank you, very much for bringing us back to the days of early television.
7:41 am
>> smart phone, blackberry to type writers in that same segment. keeping it real. >> i had a really good idea for a cake for nicole. check it out. sponge betty coming up. where you can get one of these. we'll explain. >> the next level fun bet di. a bad spray tan? look at that? that probably wasn't the case with this resident but coming up the surprising reason this seagull turned orange. >> welcome to the world, i love this. thank you for sending this in. >> kia may have struck into the brownies and got caught. >> two thumbs up absolutely. happy birthday to the most beautiful three-year-old in world. her favorite song royal. >> keep the thumbs going.
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♪ ♪ ♪ never say good-bye. never say good-bye. >> behind the scenes on the show is hilarious. dave and nicole are going back and forth. one last time they got this going on.
7:45 am
>> i love these relationship that was more love than hate. trending right now, this bird is orange. it's not a new species or the result of a bad spray tan or sometimes they die creatures around the holidays. here's what happened. the chicken fell into a vat. she was scavaging, it falls into a bin and the animal were able to remove the orange color apparently after a time. they said they can't get rid of the curry smell. the bird is at the animal hospital and will be eventually released back into the wild. three new movies at the box office this weekend. a sequel magic highest, a horror and a popular video game series.
7:46 am
>> reporter: it's kevin mccarthy. three brand new releases now you see me two, the conjuring two and war craft. now you see me two is the see quell to the first film which 345id over 3 $50 million. the horses are trying to pull off a highest tech genius. he is the villain in the film. major cast. morgan free man, jesse. the movie itself, the first one i enjoyed the first half. all the magic in the first half, the introduction on the characters were fantastic. production with the first movie was that as the second half moved around, the magic tricks weren't as good but it was still a solid film. i gave this a three and a half
7:47 am
out of five. this has the opposite effect. it ends strong but it starts weak. that's the thing about this movie that i really wanted more of the magic. there are two great scenes in the film. one scene in particular where he makes the rain slow down and reverse. there was one major heist scene with all the horse men in an electronic room. that scene was cool. overall, i didn't think it lived up to the first one. some of the dialogue was cheese si, i love lindsey as an actress. i didn't care for her character in the film. i gave it a two and a half out of five. worth a rental. don't waste your money that theaters. if you love see it as a rental. the next is the conjuring two. that movie was beyond successful. it only cost 20 million dollar to make and made hundreds of millions of dollars world wide.
7:48 am
he directed the other films tand furious seven. this is based on the actual files, the true files of ed and lorraine warren. you have the actors fantastic in the movie. the idea is there is a house in london that has a bunch of malicious spirits inside of it. ed and lorraine go there and try and help a mother and her four children to try to stop the spirits. it's scary. the way the film was shot is what makes it work. he's a masterful director. you feel like you were in the house. the beauty of this movie, the stairs are urns. i don't like when a horror film relies on jump scarce. this movie actually builds attention so well and you find yourself immersed in the moment. it's scarier than the first
7:49 am
movie overall and shot just as well as the first. i gave it a four out of five. the next is war crafts. duncan jones also directed a film called moon, with sam rock well. fantastic director. he's also the son of the late david bowie. this war craft film is a massive budget, big blockbuster. and the film are fighting the humans. i did not play the war craft game at all as a kid, so i walked in there with a fresh mind. i knew nothing about the story line and it really work odd. the emotional performances work odd. they actually had the orps played by real actors. like toby kebble, you can feel the human emotion coming through the actual digital character on camera. that's what makes the movie
7:50 am
work. the humans fight and the orps are incredible to watch. there are script issues. i thought the beginning was a little slow but picks up and gets into gear and end up working overall. i gave it a three and a half out of five. do not waste your money on i max 3d see it in 2d regular and save a your money. i didn't think the 3d or i max helped whatsoever. i'm kevin mccar thy, fox news. >> i'll check some of those out. as we take a look at the airport. looks pretty nice. >> boss lady leaving on a jet plane. how is the weather. >> three out of four stars. >> nicing done. >> we do have showers and storms coming in. that shot looks good. the humidity is still low. will not last. if you have to do anything in the morning, you're looking pretty good. here's an event here from new jersey.
7:51 am
>> we're having a walk a thon in camden new jersey starts at 8:30. we have a question. how will the weather be. >> check it out in camden. i got good news for you, 8:00, 66. the warmer weather is coming back. 1:00 we'll say 84. it's still pretty calm but showers are approaching and we will have strong storms this afternoon. 50's and 60's right now. look for that big warmup in the next few hour, not much on the radar. a little wider view shows the actual storm that will impact our area today. right now, it's pretty calm but by the time we get to about 2:00 or 3:00, these storms are moving through the lehigh valley. 4:00 through philadelphia, they could be strong or severe with gusty winds, maybe hail and a
7:52 am
brief downpour between 5:00 and 6:00 through south jersey and delaware. will start to weaken by 6:00 and off of the coast by 7:00. it's not a big area, not a long line and certainly not lasting all afternoon. you might have to get inside if the storms are strong or severe. windy tomorrow and monday, 20 to 30 miles an hour, dropping the humidity. warm but the humidity drops tomorrow and monday. seven-day forecast we'll see you up to 86 degrees on sunday. 77 on monday. of tuesday is flag day, a cool start at 50 up to 78. wednesday, the cloud return. thursday and friday, we could be dealing with the rain and a cooler breeze. stay right here. we'll be right back.
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. mess had a huge impact on the team. not only as a runner but also as a leader. >> she gets the younger girls to understand the history of the program as well as what it takes to be a distance runner. running on your own, eating correctly, trying to go to bed
7:57 am
at a reasonable hour and things like that. >> and mia definitely has what it takes, she finished 34th in the state in cross country, 3,000 with a time of ten minutes and 23 seconds and has plans to run the 10,000 next year, as she attends mit in the fall. on behalf of fox 29 good day philadelphia weekend i'd like to graduate you on being this week's athlete of the week. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: with good day philadelphia weekend i'm amber key. >> if you have someone you'd like nominate, use our #fox29goodday so we can find you. stay tuned. we'll be right back.
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest.
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. breaking news, a singer from our area, reality show star on the voice, shot and killed. the man who tried to save her and also some new details on this breaking story and a live
8:00 am
report. >> now that each political political party has it's presumptive nominee. how donald trump and hillary clinton are attacking each other as both sides get into general mode after hard fought primaries. first in the nation, california changes its smoking age but there's an exception who will still be able to smoke at age 18. everybody else, 21. good morning, to you. >> it's a gorgeous day. a lot of breaking news and we'll bring it all to you. first. >> gorgeous morning, that's the key. >> hold on. how hot is it going to get today? >> 88. 80's. maybe near 90.
8:01 am
increased humidity. summer is back. the feel in the air is back. so are the storms. you can handle it. enjoy the morning. get outside enjoy it. we have old city this morning. this is how it looks down there towards delaware and temperatures in the 60's. may not feel like it's going to be near 90 but it will. it will really jump up here quickly. here's our weekend windy the kickoff to flag fest. check to out. short sleeves 10:00 to 5:00, little warmer day today. there's a lot going on here. the betsy ross house, the timing to, 10:00 to 5:00. we might be dealing with few showers and thunderstorms. not right now, doppler is all clear. warmer air moving in it's almost here then we have the follow that with showers and thunderstorms. by noon, approaching the lehigh valley, 2:00 across the lehigh valley by philadelphia by 5:00
8:02 am
to 2:00 to 5:00 north and west, 5:00 to 7:00 south and east, there will be damaging wind gusts and small hail. a brief storm that moves through. you'll have to avoid it by after things will clear out nicely and looking at a nice evening. temperatures into the 60's headed for the 70's and 80's, quick warmup 76 to 85 by 2:00. there they are, showers and storms by 5:00, temperature of '88 degrees. what's in store for the rest of the weekend? i will look at that coming up a little bit later. >> thank you so much, dave. happening now, taking a look at some of the headline, one man has died this morning after he was shot multiple times while sitting in a car. police say it happened around 2:00 a.m. along the 100 block of her man street in germantown. the man was pronounced dead on the scene. officials have no motive for the shooting. no arrests have been made. police say they got a man behind bars now, he slashed the woman around the forehead as she
8:03 am
was leaving a center city trail. 29-year-old isaiah cheeseboro was arrested yesterday morning a day after the incident. he's the person who slashed a woman on the forehead as she was going around the stairs at the walnut street area leaving the schuylkill river trial thursday afternoon. suspect had been following her and said, quote, you don't know anything then he cut her. >> reporter: it's scary to think about that. >> i question why someone was so beneath her. what would push them through things of that nature. more so than i would question the area i'm in. >> police say the is suspect had several razors on him when he was taken into custody. they say he was also captured on surveillance. if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. drivers in new jersey gas prices could soon be going up. >> it was so good while it lasted. it's part of a plan by lawmakers to help other projects, fix the roads and that kind of thing. steve keeley more with what we
8:04 am
could be paying and what this means, and it's a big hike they're talking about. >> reporter: i'm going to call this a sneaky plan. in fact, it's two sneaky plans. politicians have a way of putting out the bad news on fridays. because it gets little coverage in the press. and so little notice in the public. look at the price. gas back over two dollars a gallon. we had gas going 1.40 a gallon in new jersey, those days are long gone and probably the day of 2.07 are about to go. look at the wawa in pennsauken where you don't see a front license plate three cars on the right. that means they're from philadelphia right over the bridge because they know that gas is so much cheaper over here in new jersey. well, not for long. because two amazing coincidences within minutes yesterday in trenton. the leader of the new jersey state assembly and then just minutes later. two leading state senators both
8:05 am
announced bills to raise new jersey gas tax and that second amazing coincidence both somehow decided to raise it the same amount, 23 cents a gallon. how about that? well, the same to the penny and needed they say to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to fix new jersey's roads and bridges. we're on route 73 long complained for all it's potholes and that pool of money two do those jobs about to run out june 30th. it's known as the transportation trust fund. and raising the gas tax and recent poles have been almost as unpopular in the poles as governor christie's approval rating and based on joe video playing the new stuff and it's not going over well here at the pennsauken wawa pumps. >> i come to jersey to get my a gas on purpose. >> now knowing it's going to be more not as cheap as it used to be. >> i'm not happy about it. >> they want to raise the gas tax 23 cents, so if you buy ten gallons it's two and a half bucks more out of your pocket. >> i think i'm going to walk.
8:06 am
>> i don't think anybody is going to be happy with it. >> how bad are the roads in new jersey when you drive your car over the roads? you hit a lot of potholes? >> yes, all the time,j does your car get a flat from hitting the roads. >> flats, my tires wobble, different stuff like that, yes. >> reporter: that's why they need to raise the gas tax because they want to fix at the roads by hitting all the potholes by making it any better. >> they already have tax for that. >> reporter: 30 percent of the gas buyers are from out of state and you people from pennsylvania and everywhere else like these truckers, they abuse the roads and bridges they cause the potholes, maybe you should pay some of the taxes in new jersey. >> i disagree. i'm giving them business. of i'm coming from the state of pennsylvania over here to help new jersey. >> reporter: she and a lot of other pennsylvania yens will
8:07 am
likely still come over here, because despite even if this is approved, 23 cents more in taxes, that will make the total tax on a gallon of gas in new jersey, federal and state $55.9 a gallon. that will still be cheaper than the total taxes in pennsylvania and new york. still coming over the bridges to get the gas. in hoping to win republican antitax hike supporters, they're calling it tax fairness because they say the plan is to get rid of new jersey's estate tax long called the death tax start to do what the federal government long done, lower taxes for retirees and lower income residents. they're going to do a whole lot of tax changes finally and what a coincidence it comes days after primary election. how about that too? a lot of amazing coincidences bill and karen with this, and that friday afternoon when everybody is headed to the shore is when you want to put out the bad news when people aren't
8:08 am
watching or noticing. even in the media. you didn't see this story anywhere in philadelphia yesterday but we don't let anything get by us. >> not steve keeley, our jersey guy. >> somehow it's counter productive, you're paying tolls also. you're not saving money anymore. moving on. philadelphia judge ordered the release of documents that could shed light on recent allegations that a boy told the late penn state head football coach joe paterno that jerry sandusky molested him in 1976. there were also claims that other assistant football coaches witnessed inappropriate contact between sandusky and boys in the 80's. two small children -- such a sad story -- this is a day care center where those little children, that guy were killed by their mother in a trip they don't florida. police say little three-year-old
8:09 am
aerial hinds and her brother died. of she's getting counciling and help. the mother intentionally held a sheet over the mother's mouth they were going to day care. suffered such a terrible loss, that's come together and pray and released these balloons in memory of the children. they said that the children had been in the custody of a foster parent since last year. they just were returned to the mother last month. >> you took them out of a situation where they were doing good, they were progressing, they were -- and you take them and to do that. like, how selfish of a person? how sick of a person can you be to do something like that? . >> the children's mother, her name is sophia heinz is facing to counts of first-degree murder. she's in florida in jail with no bond. we continue to follow another story out of florida. breaking news, a singer from our area, she was also on a lot of those reality shows, was shot
8:10 am
and killed after the concert. >> a man tried to save her. new details about what happened in a live report coming up. there's going to be new flights from philadelphia international airport coming up. where you'll be able to get to directly for the very first time in a long, long time. ♪ . >> boss lady, we would be nothing without you.
8:11 am
when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me! and now in delicious chocolate.
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8:13 am
. you may be able to fly from philadelphia to cuba. six airlines have been recruited to begin flights to cuba from the u.s. and philadelphia is one of airports where service could originate. frontier airlines has applied to operate weekly trips between philly and cuba. five others american, jet blue and southwest have also applied for approval to apply to and from cuba. it's time now for some you decide political coverage and republican presidential candidate donald trump apparently showing no sign of toning down his campaign rhetoric. at the first rally of his swing in richmond, virginia. he claimed he was the least rate of while at the same time repeatedly calling senator warren poke hahn toss. he reiterated his making america
8:14 am
great again. >> if you look at what's going on in this country, african-american youth is an example 59 percent unemployment rate. you look at what's going on with latinos, hispanics. tremendous unemployment rates. so many different groups, we're going to make it great for everyone. we're going to bring jobs back to our country. >> trump suggested he might hold. >> she's not happy. >> he had to get in the poke hahn toss jab. >> vare sports hero would appear. donald trump will campaign in pittsburgh tomorrow. moving on to the democratic side. hillary clinton made her first public appearance since getting a major endorsement from president obama. clinton spoke at a plan parenthood action fund event in washington. the former secretary of state says any politician that doesn't support a woman's right to make her own health decisions doesn't have women's best interest in
8:15 am
mind. clinton also specifically called out her opponent, of course, donald trump. >> when donald trump says a distinguished judge born in indiana can't do his job because of his mexican heritage or mocks a reporter with disabilities or den greats muslims and immigrants it goes against eaching we stand for. he does not see all americans as americans. as for fellow democratic bernie sanders or independent, he says he's staying in the race and will be at the democratic national convention in philadelphia next month. he does say, however, he will work with clinton in order to defeat donald trump. 8:15, following breaking news, there's a new jersey woman died after she was shot at a concert venue in orlando. >> 22-year-old christina a marlton native had just finished performing with the band before you exited at the plaza live theater in orlando when she was
8:16 am
shot and killed. >> we have a reporter down there right now joining us live from orlando. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this happened about 10:30 last night. an orlando police officers were still here on the scene up until an hours ago. it was right here behind me at the plaza where christina was performing when this whole thing happened. orlando police officers tell us after the concert ended at about 10:00 grim mi and the band stayed after to sign i was the graphs and sell merchandise. that's when they say the suspect walked toward her and just shot her. police tell us christina's brother wasted no time and actually tackled the suspect to the ground. during the struggle, that's when police say the suspect shot himself. now, the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. christina was taken to the hospital with critical injuries but ultimately she died of those injuries. now, at this point, police have
8:17 am
not yet released the name of that suspect nor have they set up a positive motive behind it. we're still working to learn more details. of we also do know there's another concert scheduled here at this venue. at this point, we don't know if that concert is still going to go on, but grim my was definitely an up and coming pop star, she was on season six of the voice, finished in third place, loved by many. posted a twitter video last night telling everyone in orlando to come out so definitely just a tragic sad situation, just 22 years old here. back to you guys. >> thank you, shocking. absolutely shocking. we appreciate your live report. taking a look at the art museum, everything looks good. we told karen it's not going to be painfully hot. pretty enjoyable day. >> the humidity is still down for now. the temperatures are nice and comfortable. events happening today, children's hospital of philadelphia, chop is having a block party in south philadelphia hoping the weather
8:18 am
will hold up. i'd rather be forecasting for a morning instead of an afternoon event. that's when we expect to see the storms coming in. with that said, here's a morning event from montgomery county. >> dave and the fox 29. we're in blue bell. we want to run in a race. thank you, don. >> dave your energize for the race, that is in blue bell happening this morning pretty much right around now. look at these temperatures, 70 to 78 then 80 by noon. so the humidity increases, the temperatures really increase. the rain though holds off until this afternoon. ultimate doppler maybe a sprinkle there south of williams port. that's warm and human air moving in. you'll feel the increase between about now and noon. now, after noon, that storm comes through. there will be a line of strong storms, maybe not a solid line
8:19 am
but an area of rain and strong thunderstorms between 2:00 and 4:00 moving through the lehigh valley and the north and western suburbs. there it is around i95 in philadelphia between 4:00 and 5:00, 5:00 and 6:00 through south jersey and delaware strong gusty wind and hail. it's not everywhere or lasting long but you might have to run inside or get out of its way but it can contain heavy rain, gusty winds and hail. there is the potential for severe weather later today. after that, it's clear but gets windy and a little cooler tomorrow. the humidity really drops tomorrow and gets a little cooler and pretty comfortable here once the wind dies down in the seven-day forecast. look at those numbers coming up a little bit later. >> thank you dave. celebrating a birthday could soon get a little bit more interesting. >> where you can get one of those cakes. a little boy and donald trump supporter loses his make
8:20 am
america great again hat. what the presidential candidate did to help that little boy out. also, happy birthday gene wilder. and happy birthday doc. look at this. going to second grade getting an award in writing. congratulations. >> so many wonderful graduates, my favorite niece erica heading to west virginia and from scott, a good day to hang outside. it absolutely is. >> we'll be right back.
8:21 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ . we're saying good-bye to our executive producer ep walker.
8:24 am
she's getting a more important job. an assistant news director. >> we'll follow her no matter what. it is hard to say good-bye. >> let's tell you about new laws going into effect in california and this may affect the rest of the country. they're increased the smoking age. it's now gone up. you can see it there. 21, no longer just 18. this law prohibits anybody under the age of 21 from buying any tobacco products. that includes e cigarettes. one loop hole. active duty military members 18 and older can still smoke. if you can fight and defend, you can be old enough to have a cigarette. fines starts at $400 for selling tobacco to under age smokers. this cake is really fun. one of my kids' favorites is fun fetty.
8:25 am
you combine a croissant. >> it's definitely worth having on your day. may leave you singing happy songs. ♪ that's a whole lot of excitement over a croissant. it has a crispy outer layer but soft interior. you can pull it apart with ease. this is from pastry chef at new york's catch restaurant. >> you have to go to new york? you can probably make that. >> i thought that's supposed to be an adult kind of refined thing? kids don't go grab the croissant. right? >> my kids do.
8:26 am
>> i got polka-dots in my croissant. >> it makes you feel like a kid again. i saw this one trending people making fun. let's take a look. basketball super star steph curry came out with a new and people hated it. >> fans aren't happy. we'll till you why they say steph needs to take a look at this and maybe come up with a different plan.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
. with my back, it is 8:29. breaking news from florida this morning, a new jersey woman, just 22, died after being shot at a concert venue in orlando, christina grim my had just finished performing with the band before you exit. she was signing autographs when man with two guns walked up to her, opened fire, killing her, her brother jumped in tackled the gunman who shot himself and killed hills during a scuffle. so far, they've not identified the suspect. she's originally from our area, marlton new jersey. attended cherokee and was on the voice. she finished third in season six of the voice. we've been waiting for this throughout the morning, dave. we got a special forecast. >> this is emily.
8:30 am
>> good morning, i'm emily. >> she won at auction to do the weather. people actually pay money because they want to do the weather. without further ado, amily will give you the forecast. >> good morning, philadelphia. i am amily. i'm going to tell you the weather. we have a nice morning coming in, as you can see. but later this afternoon, we're going to get thunderstorms. oh, and look, there's my school. pen wynn. around 2:00, we're going to have thunderstorms around allentown allentown. later, around 5:00, thunderstorms will be coming in around philadelphia. here's your forecast. looks very nice. all right. thank you. bye. back to you. >> yes.
8:31 am
(cheers and applause). >> thank you. >> you were outstanding thank you so much. come back any time. dave takes vacation. time to talk sports. let's talk phillies. so phillies drafted a new player, the number one pick in the draft. he's 18 years old. he hit 476 his senior year in high school. of we'll talk about that. high school, seven home runs, 46 rbis, his name is mickey moniak. he's agreed to a deal with the phillies. breaking it down. philly good morning. >> good morning. >> they got the number one pick in the draft. we're drafting a star. high school kid? how sure are you about drafting a high school kid. >> you have to. that's the way it works in the
8:32 am
mlb draft. this snuck up on us, the nfl drafted what we've been talking about since march and then this happened thursday. not a lot of chatter buy it. he had a really good senior year in high school. i believe he had seven home runs at high school. he could work on his arm strength a little bit. but will patrol the outfield in center field. >> when becomes the issue? everybody gets excited about football. he's 18. we may not see him for years. >> that's how it works. >> i didn't know which way the phillies would go. there's couple pictures at the top of the board they could have went with. this big tall pops them that at 99 miles per hour. obviously, when you look at the phillies, what do we need right now? outfield help. >> i was there yesterday. looking at the number one draft pick. they had steph curry. we'll talk about him in just a moment. i was there for the u.s.
8:33 am
national team practice. your soccer guy and a dj. put it up. there you go. excited about this. big deal in philadelphia. >> this is great. tonight, the copa america happening here the linc. last night we were outside. the head coach comes out. that's right, comes out to the american outlaws, which is the u.s. soccer supporter team obviously the philadelphia has a chapter here. of he came out, and spoke to the crowd. it was crazy yesterday. i actually did dj, yes. he says i want to hear ac dc, so i played it. tell you what it's going to be crazy at the linc tonight. >> tough getting tickets about 50,000 fans. >> unfortunately the weather you just told us -- we'll making my hair wet. >> breaking news. you just told me something that may upset some people.
8:34 am
dario, '6ers player, we're hearing he may not come over. >> this is not good. one of the things we wanted a talk about with sam hinkie and the positives that he brought is dario was going to come over next year. he played the three, four really good ball player. seems like he might stay in turkey because there's more money if he does. he's on the pay scale. if he comes over, he's on the last year rookie deal. if he stays over, he's a free agent and sign whomever. >> financially, it makes sense. but i think you need to come over, show that you can play on the nba level. suit up for the 76ers because you were drafted but at the end of the day money talks. >> philly karen, what's going on. >> i want to tell about it young donald trump supporter getting a special surprised from trump himself. after a high school band making a make america great again hat why they said it wasn't allowed.
8:35 am
what happened. also, talking about steph curry taking a lot of heat on social media over the shoes that bear his name. we want to have your opinion. why fans they they are not feeling this new design. why fans they they are not feeling this new design. ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
8:36 am
8:37 am
. got to talk about the shoes right now. >> got to be the shoes. >> super star steph curry had
8:38 am
new sneakers and were all the talk on twitter but not for good reason. >> he signed an endorsement deal with under armor to release shoes called the curry too low chef, which is his nickname. they're all white. thick white soles and they're being compared to the types of things you would find in your grandpa's closet. >> steph curry an under armor targeting the emergency room nurse demographic. >> he needs comfortable shoes. >> taylor said steph curry they lack like the shoes your pastor would wear. how do they know those things. >> reporter: he said steph curry shoes got the cool janitor at the hospital kind of vibe. haters everywhere. the shoes are a little boring. a little bit boring. >> would you wear them. >> yes, but i'm corny. it depends what i was doing.
8:39 am
of if i was cleaning the house or something, i would wear them. if i was going to play basketball, not so much. i'm a little -- i don't wear --. >> what do you think about this one? you got an opinion on all of these things. of would you wear them? . >> looking if somebody gave them to me, i would, i read one comedian said i wouldn't wear them if i got them for free. they come in other colors and high tops. here's the great thing about america, if you don't like these sneakers, you don't have to spend 130 and buy them but steph curry you like them even more because in the post game comments after the win last night, they're 3-1. beating cabs, labron james and his nicky shoe, which is $20 more, 150, i love he has a sense of humor about everybody's jokes about this and my favorite to tweets were mr. rogers putting on a pair and the other one saying, i can't wait for the bernie sanders curry taking to
8:40 am
the convention trees to come out. >> what's he upset about? he got paid for the shoes. of he dropped 38 in a win about to win another championship. he's fine. he's happy. twitter needs to relax. >> reporter: they make the shoes cool because he has them on his feet. people will still buy them because of steph curry. whether anybody else in twitter world thinks they're cool or not. am i right? ? >> you are correct as usual. thank you so much, steve, we appreciate it. thank you. when we come back
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ ♪. >> good-bye nicole. let's update you. 8:43 is the time. there's a young donald trump supporter. there he is, gets a special delivery from trump himself. his name is logan autry, nine years old. he got two autographed make
8:44 am
america great again. his hat got chewed up by his dog and then he was told he couldn't wear the political cap to school because it was too much of a distraction. the vice president of the trump organization michael cohen saw the story and sent the care package. >> there you go. got a couple of hats. good for you. let's take a look at the weather. dave continues on international airport. that's probably nicole's flight. >> you could create really bad weather so she can't leave. her luggage is probably already loaded. not too bad this morning with the sunshine, lower humidity, few clouds coming in. knocked down steel pier. nice picture. warmer air coming in. 60 can say except for wildwood at 72. mount pocono 61. 57 in allentown. quick warmup we'll be in the 70's and 80's in no time. as we heat up, we watch for showers and thunderstorms.
8:45 am
ultimate doppler is all clear but that area of low pressure and a little disturbance comes through each hour you could be affecting your area. we'll show you what times you could be in your neighborhoods, first of all, 2:00 to 4:00 comes through north and western suburbs, strong storms, maybe severe with damaging wind gusts and small hail. four to five. now moving through south jersey and delaware. after 5:00 it's off the coast. does not last long but it will be intense, especially if you're under one of those strong or severe thunderstorms. watch nor if you have outdoor plans today. watch for this if you have plans tomorrow, a gusting winds, 2030 miles an hour wind gust drop the humidity but temperatures will be warm. storm impacts wind damage the biggest impacts with these storms, some hail. not only impacts with the flash flooding. down the shore there will be storms, 82, 84, why is it so warm? you get the land breeze coming
8:46 am
in it oh of the northwest drops the water temperature and keeps the air temperature pretty warm, not the most pleasant but not a bad weekend with passing shower or thunderstorm. the storms are today, and then tomorrow, it's windy still windy monday. by tuesday, things start to calm down, flag day, a cool start 78 in the afternoon. few clouds on wednesday, back up to 80. now, thursday and friday, that will be tricky. we'll watch how a storm develops could bring in rain and cooler temperatures for the end of the weekend. >> thank you, dave. we want to welcome back our special guest because she did such a good job with the weather. amily. we're going to play a little round. how about are you smarter than a fifth grader. that's where she won the chance to come on the show. we don't have any buzzers. you're going to have to raise our hands for the question. i'm going to ask the questions. what's the first category. >> i'm really smart.
8:47 am
i'm really smart. let's go. >> first topic is astronomy. what star is closest to the earth? >> ok. i think that was mr. warren. >> zeta. >> (beep). >> meteorologist? >> the sun. >> next question. >> next question is about geography. florida borders george and what other state? >> alabama? >> yes. >> two for me. >> the next topic is health. what is the name of the largest
8:48 am
bone in your body? >> me? sorry. >> go ahead. >> femur. >> that is correct. >> i agree. >> karen is running away with this. >> i'm good with the fifth grade crowd. >> next question is earth science. what mineral is the hardest sub stone on the mo scale. >> that would require i know what the mo scale is. >> iron? >> iron is a little bit soft. that's a really good question. i used to know. >> you do not know the answer to this. >> the mineral. >> it's granite. >> i know. what is it? do you know the answer? >> diamond. >> i don't believe i should have said that one. that's the hardest substance on earth. >> last question.
8:49 am
jump to the last question. >> last question. literature who was the author of the podium insubscribe odd the bo of the statue of liberty? >> the base of the statue of liberty? i wasn't aware that there was one at the base of the statue of liberty. >> walt whitman? >> what's the answer. >> emma la saurus. >> i don't feel nearly as smart as i did coming into this. >> welcome to foodbite. i'm glen gross. we're going to do a text tommy is a fried hot dog stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon and it got it's origin in pottstown pennsylvania. let's get started.
8:50 am
take your hot dog slice it open. slice an american cheese or you can use any cheese. stick the cheese in the middle. grab a hunk of bacon and what we're going to do is wrap that little doggie. if you don't get the whole dog wrapped don't be afraid to use another piece of bacon because it is its own food group. at simple process. we're almost done. don't worry about the cheese. it's actually protected by the bacon when it's fried. take a couple of toothpicks to cure it. and you're ready to go. so. again, we're going to take a little variation on the texas tommy. stuff this guy with cheese. i'm going to take a couple jalapeno peppers. you can stuff it with whatever you want. more bacon, wrap it around. we're going to wrap the bacon around and deep friday. cheeses are going to squeeze out
8:51 am
hot dogs. don't worry about that. little toothpicks on each end of the right before you friday your text tommy, butter your hot dog rolls. throw them on the grill and so now it's time to friday these bad boys. i know most of you don't have big fryers at home. if you have a friday daddy, that the great. if you don't, put them in your oven or grill, you can do anything you want with them. very he does to cook and handle. here at flat jack's, make sure they won't come out of the fryer's throw them in the fryer. the fryer should be 350 degrees. we're going to take about three minutes in the fryer. golden brown delicious. don't forget your buns. probably toasted. halfway through the cooking process, take them out, check them. they're looking good. ready to go. another minute and a half and we're done. it's been about three, three and a half minutes.
8:52 am
these guys are just -- look at those. they are done. give them bound ten, 15 seconds to drain. let's put knees guys on the button. you got tonal picks in here. don't eat the toothpicks. it's time to dress them and eat them. texas tommies. pottstown, pennsylvania. take the toothpicks out. don't forget. that would be a mistake if you didn't. little bit of mustard. you can dress them anyway you want. i happen to like mustard relish and onion. someone might like heaven forbid ketchup on a who the dog. not for me. little bit of relish, onion, a texas tommy. great flavor. i'm glen gross. this is your fox foodbite. >> this fox 29 program is
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♪ . take a look look benjamin franklin bridge. >> it is fitting as we wrap things up. i can't hear anything in my ear. >> yesterday was a week since
8:56 am
she said i do. congratulations. have a wonderful life together. happily ever after. >> got that one picture. today we're saying good-bye to our boss lady. the executive producer. she launched the show. you were here when it launched. tell us about that. come on over here, boss lady. it is the final day. she's moving on to bigger -- i don't know if i can say better things. she's moving on. we're so proud of you, so happy for you. >> thank you. >> we're so excited. >> thank you. >> come back and see our news director. >> now, the boss lady --. >> that's ok. >> we got a cake for you. and as we said, we got gifts for the boss lady. everybody needs to know. >> that is so nice. >> it's engraved the boss lady.
8:57 am
when she goes to her new location, everybody can see who she is. they will know about that. >> steve keeley do you have a couple last words? >> reporter: she's like an empty nester, she raised this child of the weekend morning show. it grew into a great adolescent and a full fledged adult so she can move on. always nicest people are the ones to leave. >> thank you, steve. it's been a lot of fun. we've had a good almost two-year run and you guys will be great. >> this was behind scenes and we got people showing pictures and everything you've been through with your time here. i feel a special feeling for you because you kind of welcomed me in knowing how to do nothing. we appreciate your patience, your guidance. what you made this show into. you will definitely be missed. >> thank you very much.
8:58 am
>> we're so happy and proud of the next step you take. >> i'll miss all of you but keep watching us. bye.
8:59 am
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